What It’s Like To Coach With Me

Coaching is about helping another person to achieve their goal or desired outcome and supporting them along the path as they travel from where they are to the result they desire.
Overcoming any challenges or blocks on their way and building on their successes.

Coaching differs from both consulting and therapy in the sense that in consulting it is the consultant that tells you what to do and in therapy, the therapist explores your past more.

The benefits of coaching are that it’s more future-driven and action-orientated, and it’s the client who has the control over how much action and goal-focused they are, with the support of a qualified coaching guide, standing shoulder to shoulder with you on your journey.

Coaching involves inner work, personal development, psychology, and spirituality.
Inner work is more about our habits, patterns and beliefs and how they affect how we show up in the world!. So by doing this work the results can be both long-lasting and very successful.

Coaching sessions are usually once a week for one hour and are done online.

When coaching with me you can expect to be supported, challenged, and guided every step of the way to achieve your goal, in a non-judgmental, kind, and supportive way.

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