I help guys radiate self-confidence so they have more success, happiness, and love in their lives.

Enough is enough of feeling insecure, scared, and lonely.

Take Back Control Of YOUR LIFE!

I am here to help you do just that.

My goal is to support men just like you to develop unshakable confidence in themselves by helping them see that the story they have been telling about themselves is a big frickin LIE!



I am originally from the UK but now live in Vancouver.

Little did I imagine that 5 years before, I was in a hospital bed, entirely in the hands of the doctors and nurses and my life is a mess! What happened?

I am originally from the UK but now live in Vancouver.

Little did I imagine that 5 years before, I was in a hospital bed, entirely in the hands of the doctors and nurses and my life is a mess! What happened?

"My mess was transformed into my message, that outside conditions NEVER DEFINE YOU and you really can have anything you want!"

Now I want to help and support you to transform yourself and your life to have more confidence, success, and happiness.

So are you ready to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and do whatever it takes to face your future with faith, excitement and optimism instead of doubt, fear, and worry?

"If you are ready to say YES, I would love to support you on your new adventure."

Two surveys conducted in the UK on over two thousand British men found that...

61% felt pressure to MAN UP as a result of gender stereotypes.

55% said crying or showing emotion in front of other men would make them feel less of a man.

These sad statistics along with other factors impact men more than women ( although of course women have their own issues to deal with).


Have you always had the inner feeling that you can be more than you are? But you doubt that its true! I know what that feels like and I can help you see why..... AND THAT ITS A LIE! OK so let's ask yourself what are you going to do about it? Assuming the answer is I am going to do whatever it takes to turn my life around.

let's start by asking these questions.

  • Why do I believe that I can't have what I most need and desire?
  • Why can other people get what they want but I cant?

Who do I think I am, to believe I can have what I most want in my life?

Wouldnt you love to know the 5 things that changed the unconfident man I was for most of my life, into the confident guy I am today?

OK so here we go

  • Never give up
  • Motivate myself from the inside ( me!) and not the outside conditions and circumstances I find myself in! Yeah, it's an inside job.
  • Having an unshakable belief and desire that I will achieve my vision NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Enthusiasm will always outweigh performance.
  • Be ready and willing to draw a line in the sand and say, enough is enough. I am done with any and all of the crap I have experienced and are dealing with now!

As your coach, I will help you

  • Master your fear of rejection
  • Identify the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world.
  • Find your voice and take back control of your negative self-talk so you can live the life you really want and DESERVE.
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people and realize how your confidence issues are directly related and why it stops you from achieving what you want.
  • Identify your unique gifts and value!
  • Identify how what you believe are negative circumstances in your life, CAN SKYROCKET your CONFIDENCE in a way that may seem hard to imagine!
  • See that you can be the CONFIDENT AND POWERFUL MAN with a new and improved definition of what and who a REAL MAN IS.

"When a man hates himself,he takes it out on the woman who loves him, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS."

- Author unknown

"There is a time in a boys life when the sweetness is pounded out of him and tenderness and the ability to show what he feels is gone."

- Nora Vincent

"Try not to become a man of success, rather become a man of value. "

- Albert Einstein


Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

- Author: Jim Rohn

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without confidence and hope.

-Author: Helen Keller

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

- Author: Eleanor Roosevelt




In the session I will help you create a crystal clear vision for how YOU CAN achieve the confidence in yourself that you have always dreamed of!



Uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success!



You will leave the session RENEWED, RE-ENERGIZED and INSPIRED that developing UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE in yourself is absolutely possible and not just a dream!

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