How I Learned To Handle Life’s Biggest Challenges

When I was in my 40’s my life fell apart.

First, my wife left me after 20 years of marriage, then 3 years later I was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor.

I realized that everything I had was gone and I felt so alone, unhappy, and did not know what to do, only that I had to do something to get back some order and control over the chaos that was now my life.

The one thing that saved me was my unwavering determination to get my life back on track and I was taking one step at a time. Through the grace of God/ the Universe I was able to do that.

Not only that but I found my life’s purpose and discovered who I really was in the process.

Because of the experience I had overcoming the divorce and brain tumor, I emerged a higher and more successful version of myself on the other side.

Before my divorce and tumor, I was insecure, scared, lonely, and looking for loving connection anywhere I could find it.

Today I am confident, kind, honest, and compassionate. Able to be strong, and vulnerable, and I now experience more joy, success, and wonderful relationships than I ever imagined.

Now I use the unique method I learned when overcoming my brain tumor, and I teach that to clients, so, for example, they can revitalize their marriages and create great relationships with their kids.

If you are a successful, professional 40-60, who wants to have an awesome relationship with your family, friends and loved ones, and in the process SKYROCKET YOUR CONFIDENCE, then I would like to offer you a Free 30-minute Strategy Session with me.

3 Big Things You Will Receive In Your Free Session

  • I will help you create a crystal clear vision about how you can achieve what you most want in your life and your relationships
  • You will uncover any hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success
  • You will leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired, and filled with unshakable confidence

These sessions are by application only.

These sessions are only for people who are fully committed to having the life and relationships they truly desire! Who no longer want to settle for an ok life but who desire an AMAZING LIFE!

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Malcolm is an inspiration for his level of commitment to the truth and to supporting others in being their greatest selves! I’ve personally watched Malcolm’s journey over the last few years and he is a man of real integrity, authenticity, and love! ~Derek Rydall Coach,Author,Speaker

Malcolm comes across as a super down to earth, good guy raised on traditional values of manners, decency and self respect. He has a fantastic ability to share his life stories with a willingness to be vulnerable, whilst demonstrating tons of emotional intelligence. I first noticed this during a beautiful coaching gym demo with Annie, where he shared a moving story around the blocks surrounding his family money mindset.

Malcolm is passionate, driven, courageous and devoted to his family and his goal of becoming a master coach. I admire seeing him take chances to try new things like making videos and podcasting – to w up and go all in!!!

Malcolm is an avid listener – always paying attention to what everyone has to say and respect the opinion of others.

Most of all, it’s your WHY that I admire the most. I melt every time you talk about your granddaughter and how important it is for you to model what it means to be a good man for her. This keeps you challenging yourself to be a better man.

You ROCK Malcolm and you are a COACH ON FIRE with a positive and likable image.

Amma P.London

Malcolm comes across as a person who fights for the truth. It doesn’t matter if the truth is pretty or ugly, he never shies away from seeking it. He has done some serious work on his inner self, and has become more open to seeing things from different perspectives. That’s not an easy quality to adopt and I want to celebrate that with you!! Malcolm you are good enough. You are good enough for your clients and are a great coach that is ready to serve.

Anna C Vancouver